Emergency Dental

Emergency Dental

Dental pain needs to be seen to as soon as possible, and as such we will endeavour to make an appointment for you on the day.

In a dental emergency, it is important to remain calm and act quickly. If you handle the issue promptly, there is a real possibility of saving your tooth!

Emergency Dental

At Dental864 our caring team can help you with the following emergency dental services:

Emergency dental care

Here are a few scenarios you may be experiencing and the steps you can take to salvage your tooth and oral health:

If You Lose a Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out as a result of trauma, it is important to immediately locate the tooth if possible. Pick up the tooth by the crown, or the white outer part you typically see when you smile. If necessary, rinse the tooth in warm water, but do not remove any tissue or scrub the tooth.

If you have a Toothache

The first thing you can do is to swish warm water in your mouth or floss in order to dislodge any food particles that could be causing pain. If this isn’t successful, or you can see damage or swelling in the tissues of your mouth, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.

Hold a cold compress to the outside of your cheek in order to numb any sites of pain while you wait for your appointment. You can also take over-the-counter pain medication, but do not apply any medication directly onto the site.

Finally, store the tooth in milk or gently return the tooth to its place, and make your way to our clinic within the hour for the best chance of having it returned to the socket correctly.

If you Lost a Filling or Crown

It is very important that you do not use glue or other temporary measures to put your device back in place. Call Dental864 to have your crown or filling restored promptly. If you experience pain, we recommend using over-the-counter pain medication to manage these symptoms.

If you have an Abscess

An abscess is a serious condition that should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, there is the possibility that infection could spread to other parts of the body. Call one of our clinic immediately if you have an abscess.

You can rinse with a mild salt water solution to manage pain in the meantime.

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