Children’s Dental

Children’s Dental

At Dental864 we are dedicated to providing the best oral health treatments for children from infancy through the teen years. We utilise the state of the equipment and have the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the patient’s childhood.

Throughout your child’s dental visits we ensure a comfortable and non-painful experience for them in a caring environment.

Some of the pediatric dental services we offer include:
  • Sealants.
  • Flouride Treatments.
  • Pulp Therapy.
  • Mouthguards.
  • Oral health exams for infants which also include risk assessment of decay and cavities for both the baby as well as the parent/guardian.
  • Preventive measures to steer clear of cavities and decay including dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, education, and discussion on proper diet and nutrition.
  • Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of orthodontic conditions such as misaligned or crooked teeth and improper bite.
  • Treatment and care for dental injuries including damaged or fractured teeth.
  • Repair of damaged or decayed teeth.
  • Prevention, management and treatment of gum and periodontal diseases.


  • When should my child’s first dental visit be?

    Ideally, your child should see a dentist at 12-18 months old, or as soon as the front teeth erupt. This will allow the dentist to carry out an examination to ensure the healthy development of teeth and their supporting soft tissues as well as providing advice on prevention. Parents also have the chance to discuss feeding practices, teething and habits such as the use of dummies or thumb-sucking.

    An early intervention can help prevent more complex procedure later on. You may also want to see a dentist early if your child has a medical condition that puts him/her at risk of having dental problems.

    Finally, dental trauma is common in children between 2-4 years old as this is the time they start to walk and are not very steady on their feet. If your child is more familiar with the dental environment, then should he or she need to make an emergency dental visit, they are less likely to be anxious or frightened.

  • Can children get tooth decay?

    Dental problems including tooth decay can start at an early age, due to the amount of refined and hidden sugars in our food.

    In very young children the most common cause of dental decay is caused by frequent use of bottles or on-demand breastfeeding. An early dental visit can identify these problems and hopefully avoid the need for future dental intervention.

    Occasionally an illness or ‘another’ systemic disturbance can affect the developing primary teeth, resulting in poor enamel formation on these teeth. These teeth can decay early and more easily. Therefore an early dental examination around one year of age helps identify these problems, where advice can be given to avoid future dental problems.

  • How often should my child visit the dentist?

    The common recommendation is every 6 months due to a child’s changing diet, habits and growth. However, your dentist may tailor your child’s visits according to their individual needs and risks.

  • From what age do children’s teeth need to be cleaned?

    The simple answer is that teeth should be cleaned as soon as they first appear. Routine cleaning of the teeth and gums is required twice daily.

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